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CANNAB18: History of cannabinoid-based medicine. Ethan Russo


“The history of cannabinoid-based medicine: From pre-history to modern cannabinoid-based drugs” by Ethan Russo.

11/05/2018. II CANNABMED CONFERENCE. Barcelona’s College of Physicians (COMB)

Ethan Russo, MD, is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and Director of Research and Development for the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute. Previously he was Medical Director of PHYTECS, 2015-2017, and from 2003-2014, he was Senior Medical Advisor, medical monitor/study physician to GW Pharmaceuticals for numerous Phase I-III clinical trials of Sativex® and Epidiolex®. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is a former president of the International Cannabinoid Research Society and former Chairman of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, and author/editor of seven books on cannabis and medicinal herbs
The CANNABMED Congress is the only event in Spain dedicated to education and dialogue on medicinal cannabis. In this second edition, patients will be centre stage and the event will also have special interest for health professionals.


CANNABMED 2018 will enrich the conversation about the regulation of medicinal cannabis and give visibility to the concerns and demands of the affected group.

At the policy-level, we are at a critical juncture after 17 years of waiting for the Parliament of Catalonia to act on a declaration made on April 25, 2001. At that time the Parliament of Catalonia approved a non-legal proposal signed by all parliamentary groups, which called for the Executive Board “to take the necessary steps to authorize the therapeutic use of the cannabis.” This lack of action has had significant impacts on people who use medical cannabis, who face stigma and are suffering from this neglect from the state.

The CANNABMED Congress seeks to offer training – based on the best available evidence – to health care professionals that will bridge the gap between patients, activists, scientists, media, and policy-makers. Together we will take a step towards a brighter future where the full potential of medical cannabis can be realized.

more info: https://www.cannabmedforum.com/index_en.html#ethanrusso


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