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thelcff meets Shaun & Ryan of CBD Ethics 2/4


Last year we met up with the team behind the CBD Ethics store to find out more about how CBD/Cannabis was being received in their hometown of Brighton.

Shops like theirs are at the forefront of the battle of public perceptions, they are the ones that people turn to when they can’t afford prescriptions, they are the ones that people turn to for information regarding cannabis, they are the ones that people turn to when they are searching for some kind of hope to relieve their own struggles. This is a position they have been forced into by a government and medical establishment that consistently fails to recognise the benefits of cannabis.

Shops like these provide vital information to the public on a daily basis, you only have to spend an afternoon watching the incredibly diverse range people walk through the door to start understanding the staggering number of people searching for answers, thank you for all your amazing work.


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