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How to Make Edible Halloween Cauldrons!


RECIPE HERE: http://kawaiisweetworld.com/recipe/edible-halloween-chocolate-cauldrons

These chocolate cauldrons are 100% edible and perfect for any Halloween party! Enjoy, and make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag

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Rilakkuma Mold (if this one is sold out, just search for “Rilakkuma chocolate mold” – there’s plenty of dupes): https://www.amazon.com/San-x-Bear-Rilakkuma-Shape-Cube/dp/B00AF3ZQTW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1477514288&sr=8-8&keywords=rilakkuma+mold

Music courtesy of Nicolai Heidlas “Morning Sun” and “A Way for Me”


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