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CEO FOR LIFE Experience #12 – Cannabis Future Takes Shape with Michael Patterson


CEOs often have to have long vision, patience to execute and willing to take moon shot risks. Michael Patterson is just that. He operates a business that educates and operates in the Cannabis space. He operates internationally in the space in the areas of logistics, distribution, growing, media, and education. In this episode we talk about taking risks, being out in front, how to set direction and even deal with major obstacles as a CEO for Life.


Michael Patterson NHA, OTR/L, CEAS

CEO-US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Global Cannabis/Hemp SME and Speaker, Published Author, Legal Cannabis SME, Superconnector


Have you woken up at anytime this week and said I can do better, be better, want to be the best version of me. Have you failed yourself this week in anyway? Health, work, relationships, etc.. Well it all starts with you. Did you know you are a CEO? You are the CEO of your life. It’s time to be the best CEO of your life by being the best version of you. Let’s talk about actionable ways to do that. Let’s do it together! sponsored by The ROYI Academy. (ROYI=Return On Yourself Investment) Invest in yourself Mr or Mrs. CEO of your life.

Host Robert Barber, CHPC
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