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How we make our own homemade CBD oil 🥰| great for edible recipes!


Edible anyone? Seriously you won’t regret swapping out a few smoke seshes for a tablespoon (or more) of homemade CBD oil/butter. Most cannabis fans will use high THC cannabis flower however I swapped in my favorite CBD flower as that’s what I prefer. Stay tuned for the Valentines edible recipe that we incorporated this CBD oil into. I hope you all enjoy and give it a try yourself as it’s super easy!

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Coconut oil
7g CBD flower (bought locally)


Preheat your oven to 225 degrees F
Grind up as much bud as you prefer
Place it in a oven safe pan w/ parchment paper or foil
Set timer to 45 minutes
Take pan out after 10 minutes to stir the bud around
Put back in the oven for remainder of time
Once finished allow it to cool for 30 minutes

Place in a Crockpot with a little over equal parts bud: coconut oil
Heat on low for 4 hours stirring occasionally
Pour over a strainer (tea ball) and into a container w/ a lid
Store CBD oil in refrigerator for up to 14 months to 2 years

*although you may finish it longgg before then 😉

Use the tea ball with the leftover flower in tea or coffee and feel free to use it more than a few times.

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Babe The Siren is a singer-songwriter and artist sharing her reflections as a young aspiring music artist through the lens of youtube. Vlogging quickly turned from a weekend hobby to an almost full time passion in just two years. Sharing her love and admiration of the cannabis and CBD hemp flower plant has gained her views in popularity as a CBD advocate. She has dedicated her focus to the sharing of the plant in hopes to enlighten those who are yet not informed of its healing benefits, and change the stigma of the cannabis plant overall. Cultivating community through the power of open discussion and bridging the natural medicine world with the power of expressing truth and consciousness by means of media and music. Babe invites a different kind of conversation, one in which she proves that she can both entertain and widen the scope of the consciousness of her viewers and listeners.


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